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Installations: Commercial

By installing solar panels on commercial premises you can bring your energy costs down by creating your own electricity, from unused space. From this you can bring the outgoings of your business down while all the time getting a steady income from the still generous FiT payments and also going some way to protecting you against future rising cost of power.
Our bespoke design systems can be installed on most building types including offices, warehouses, factories, farm buildings and many more. If you're looking for a profitable and ethical means of investing then a PV solution is the answer.

Installing Solar PV on commercial buildings can provide:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: systems on commercial buildings can offer the best returns in as little as 6 years.
  • Marketing Advantages: As climate change is inevitable many people are looking to use companies and buildings that are environmentally friendly/responsible, meaning that these people are more likely to go for the greener option.