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Ecosunpower Renewables Biomass

In the UK, a biomass boiler burns logs, pellets or wood chips, and is usually connected to a central heating and/or hot water system in much the same way as a standard gas or oil boiler would be. It is an ideal renewable solution for the direct replacement of aging oil or LPG systems or to replace expensive electric immersion or storage heaters: Essentially, any central heating systems in areas not serviced by the mains gas grid.

At ecosunpower renewable energy, we can supply and install biomass boilers in a range of sizes and variants. From small domestic systems beginning at 16 kW, all the way to 199 kW + commercial community heating systems. ecosunpower have all the experience and the ability to design and install systems to perfectly match your requirements and fully comply with RHI design standards. Our GAS SAFE and HETAS engineers have years of experience with all heating systems making us the perfect company to exchange most heating systems and are fully capable of any remedial works that may be necessary.

We only use the highest quality German and Austrian boiler manufacturers , ensuring that the system you invest in is built to last and continues to pay you long in to the future. Because we work closely with our suppliers we are able to offer a comprehensive service contact for the life of the boiler, thus protecting your investment.

Financial support:
Wood fuel boiler systems could benefit from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment and the Renewable Heat Incentive. Savings will vary depending on the existing setup and system choice.

For example:
An automatic-fed pellet stove will typically save the average household £580/year when displacing electrical heating. Saving rising to as much as £720/year for those displacing LPG.

CO2 savings are significant:
Displacing electricity will save 7500kg of CO2 per year.

The generous RHI payments will pay you £3114 meaning a financial gain of £3834 per year.

This means the cost of boiler and installation are typically recovered in around 4 years years but continue to pay long in to the future making this an attractive investment for you home and business protecting you against the rising cost of energy.

Our Biomass heating systems are highly efficient and are able to convert up to 93% of the heat energy produced during burning of the biomass fuel into usable heat. We have different sizes of system available whether you require heating for your home, business, or have larger heating requirements e.g. grain drying etc. They are also relatively quiet and very easy to use.

Is biomass right for my home/business?
Biomass boilers can be installed in most properties, but there are some considerations to take into account. A local fuel supplier would be ideal so to reduce any costs associated with transportation. Perhaps most importantly, wood boilers are larger than their fossil-fuel cousins, so you will also need space to store the fuel: somewhere that’s handy for deliveries but also appropriate for feeding the boilers

Installing a boiler
One of the most important things to make sure of is that you have the right size boiler for your requirements. To this end, we do an energy survey of you property which will give us all the information we need to design your new biomass system. We work closely with the manufacturers and suppliers, all of whom have long track records in supplying biomass heating solutions across Europe. This process ensures you have the most efficient system available.

Example Installations

Although every system is different, we have put some examples of boilers and the savings/earnings you can expect to achieve.

Scenario for 199kw boiler

199kw wood pellet boiler would great for large commercial properties and communal heating and hotels replacing oil

• Carbon saving 60,142 kg CO2 per year
• Typical wood consumption 56T (pellets)
• Typical RHI income £20,657per year
• Typical fuel cost saving 3,922 per year

Total benefit =£24,580per year for 20 years (life of RHI=) £491,600

Scenario for 60 kw boiler

60kw boiler would be great for large house or 2 smaller properties replacing oil

• Carbon saving 18,133kg CO2 per year
• Typical wood consumption 17T (pellets)
• Typical RHI income £6,228 per year
• Typical fuel cost saving £1,183 per year

Total benefit = £7411 per year for 7 years (life of RHI)=£51,877 then half the cost of running an oil